Stay The Course

Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5-6 (NKJV)

I can think of the many times throughout my life, where I have been tempted to take a certain path—thinking it was somehow easier, or possibly a faster way to reach a destiny or goal.  I remember this to be the case on many occasions while racing motorcycles in the desert.  I would see what I thought to be a preferred line through a section of the desert, but realizing it was out of bounds, I would choose to stay on the course, even though it was unbelievably more challenging and rougher.  Still, there was nothing sweeter than seeing the finish line and the checkered flag, signaling the race was over, and knowing I had finished well.

I think this is the way it is for us in our Christian walk as well.  We will all encounter various trials, and we will find ourselves being put to the test.   And with many of these trials we will find ourselves faced with the temptation to take an easier route, rather than staying the course.  The fact that these easy routes are so acceptable to the world's way of thinking, only makes them that more appealing.  After all, if everyone does it, then why shouldn’t we?

Q:         But is this God’s will for our lives as Christian men and women?

No!  Even if it is acceptable by worldly standards to bail out, or to take a shortcut when being faced with hardship, we should be prepared to endure these challenges and trust the Lord—seeking Him for His strength, wisdom and leading. 

Walking the path of Christ is going to entail our doing things completely different than most people in this world, but we can be confident they will see how we act, and react to our challenges and trials.  Our decisions and actions will impact what others think with respect to their having a relationship with the Jesus.  If others who don’t yet know the love of the Lord witness us walking in faith, and having a peace in the midst of our trials, then they will likely be drawn unto the Lord.  But, if they witness us freaking out, or bailing out when things get tough, they will likely be deterred to want to know Jesus, because they’re not seeing His transforming power in our lives.  

I don’t want to make light of the difficulties of what some may be facing, such as a loss of income, a broken relationship, or even a terminal illness or injury, because doing the right thing can be very difficult at times.  I know some of these trials will put us through our paces for sure, and I am sure there will be some we’d rather not go through.   But we should always be committed to honoring our Lord by choosing to stay on His course when we are faced with the temptation to take an easier route, or quitting altogether.  We have something much better than a checkered flag awaiting us when we cross the finish line of life. 

STUDY QUESTION: According to Proverbs 3:5-6, what should we do when we are tempted to doubt, fear, or bail when facing tough issues?

PERSONAL INVENTORY: Are you prepared to lean not upon your own understanding, but instead, acknowledge God’s will and then abide in it?

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: Remember, we are here but for a short time, let’s use it wisely.  When you find yourself tempted to take an easier path when confronted with a tough situation, stop and seek God’s word for His will, and then choose to follow this path only.

MAKE THIS YOUR PRAYER TODAY:  Father, thank You for allowing me to go through difficult times so I can learn to be fully dependent upon you.  I know these times allow You to strengthen my faith, and they teach me how to be obedient to Your word, rather than leaning upon my own understanding.  Help me to see Your will for each situation I face.  In Jesus’ precious name, amen…  

Be Blessed, Pastor Scott



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