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Proper Priority and Order

This is what the LORD says: “What did your ancestors find wrong with me that led them to stray so far from me?  They worshiped worthless idols, only to become worthless themselves.”Jeremiah 2:5 (NLT)

As I think back on the path of my life, I realize how my journey has allowed me to experience many different places, events, people, and things—some good and some bad, but they all make up my journey.   I truly believe God has used all of them for good to shape me into who I am and what I believe today.  

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28 (NKJV)

Looking back, one of the things I can see clearly is how busy my life has been.  Busy can be either good or bad depending on what we are busy doing.  Let’s face it; sometimes just trying to take care of the needs of our family can consume all our time and energy.  

When this happens, God can be put on the backburner until we have more time for Him.   

We can also become too busy when we find ourselves living for the things of this world.  We see others enjoying them, and so we set a path to obtain and enjoy them ourselves. Again, God can be put on the backburner because we gave our best resources and time to the pursuit of these things. Working hard, or having nice things are not the problem in and of themselves.  The problem occurs when our priorities are backwards, meaning we place God behind the list of the other things in our life.   

The truth of the matter is, when we put other things ahead of God we are actually dishonoring Him, and we are not prioritizing our life properly.  When we do this, we will suffer because our relationship with God suffers. And without a healthy relationship with God we become spiritual stray cats, and we will soon find ourselves being sifted like wheat from Satan and his emissaries (1Pet. 5:8; cf Luke 22:31).

Thankfully God is faithful, and in His love He will do whatever is necessary to correct and guide us—including allowing us to suffer the consequences of our poor choices. God does not delight in our suffering, but He knows it will lead us back to His loving arms, and to the safety of His perfect will as revealed in His word (Rom. 12:2).  

Hey maybe you can relate to getting too busy and straying a bit by putting other things ahead of your time with God.  I want to encourage you today—Place God at the center of your life.  Let Him be involved in everydecision, ineverychoice, and in everythought.  Keep everything in proper priority and order. 

STUDY QUESTION: According to Romans 8:28 how many things in our life does God work together for good for those who love Him?

PERSONAL INVENTORY: Have you found yourself becoming too busy for God because you are attempting to achieve, acquire, or enjoy the things of this world? 

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: Seek the Lord for His guidance and leading for your life.  Ask yourself, “Am I focused on eternal goals, or ones grounded in the dirt of this world?”

PRAYER FOR TODAY:Father, Thank You for Your forgiveness, Your mercy, and Your grace in my life.  Teach me all You want me to learn today, and guide me in all understanding of Your Word.  In Jesus’ precious name, amen…


Blessings upon your day, Pastor Scott


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